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Care for Creation Committee Mission: Recognizing that we have been called by God to be stewards of the earth, the Care for Creation Committee's mission is to be a guiding light in the Ascension Lutheran Church congregation focusing on environmental concerns and issues.


Serving as a guiding light for this congregation on environmental issues involves our entire congregation. We ask each of you to help by participating in the activities we initiate and by advising us on what we can do to help you live in harmony with Creation.


We conduct three types of activity: (1) educating our members and our community about what is required to care for Creation, (2) helping us all live out our lives so all of Creation can live well, and (3) advocating for policies and programs that address serious Creation care problems.


For 2018, the Committee decided it would sustain the major focus on water stewardship initiated last year. Building upon Pastor Nancy's Watershed Discipleship initiative, the committee continued to provide a congregation wide focus of activity during the spring, summer and fall of 2017. While promoting the clean water discipleship theme the Committee also organized several other activities that address environmental stewardship, starting with a commitment to Ascension's land and extending to the global climate change crisis. We maintain a three-year plan that outlines current priorities, which we will gladly share if you want to see it.


As a result of this activity, Ascension greated a congregational watershed discipleship manual. Use this link to download a free PDF copy or to order bound copies-- and please spread the information to anyone or any congregation who may be interested!


Congregational Watshed Manuals (Interreligious or Christian)


We welcome new ideas and especially welcome help with all that we do and want to do. Contact Committee Chair, Sam Swanson (email or the church office if you wish to join in the fun. We meet once a month, often in the evening of the fourth Thursday of the month. Consider joining or just signing up for a project you want to help with. 


Current members: Jeri Bergdahl, Jen Burkman, Gail Butz, Richard Butz (Council liaison), Peter Grant, Ethne Gray, Marcia Gustafson, Karen Huber, Sam Swanson (Chair), Bill Valliere, and Pastor Nancy Wright. 

December 04, 2023


Ascension Lutheran Church

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